O2 XDA Zinc 3G SmartPhone Overview

o2_xda_zinc_1.jpgKey Features
TFT 2.8 Inch Touch Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)
Digital Camera with Zoom & Flash
QWERTY Keyboard
Bluetooth® Technology
3G Video Calling
Tri Band (GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900) with UMTS

O2 XDA Zinc 3G SmartPhone Review

The XDA Zinc is a classy & sophisticated PDA phone which comes in a compact sized casing which only measures 21 mm in depth. The mobile handset comes with a full QWERTY keyboard which neatly slides out from under the handset & appears at the side of the handset. The handset looks fantastic & is easy to use in its slide out & slide closed position, depending which of the many functions the user is using at the time. The XDA Zinc has a curved feel to its design & is a quality piece of equipment that come with all the essential PDA mobile office functions that have become expected from the O2 designers. The O2 XDA Zinc comes with 128 Mbytes of memory & 64 Mbytes of memory on a Mini SD™ memory card which can be added into the memory card expansion slot.

The XDA Zinc comes with a beautiful & large transflective colour screen which is 2.8 Inch in size & comes with a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixel for a clear viewing experience. The phone comes with many fun & useful features which include a camera, video & sound features. The camera feature is easy to use & allows the user to capture those special moments in an instant. The camera comes with a zoom & flash to ensure a clear & focused shot is captured by the user. The user can change their cameras setting to suit their environment & style. The video feature allows the user to capture those special moments in full colour as an action shot. The video feature comes with video settings which allows the user to gain the best quality video footage. The user can play, record, edit & store video footage on the O2 XDA Zinc. The user can play music on their O2 mobile phone & change their music ringtones tosuittheirtaste


The user can send & receive messages in text format & MMS format or stay in contact with colleagues & friends using the instant messaging or email services provided on the phone. The text message & MMS messages are simple to create & allow the user to send a messages to any compatible messaging service mobile phone user. The MMS message can contain text input with a photo or video, which makes an entertaining message. The MMS message can only be sent to & received from MMS compatible mobile phone users. The instant messaging service works like an online conversation between compatible users & is a quick & easy way to chat to others. The email service is fast & well equipped to deal with all the users mobile office requirements. The user can have a face to face call with colleagues & friends using the 3G video calling feature which allows the user to see their contact on the XDA Zinc’s large coloured screen. The O2 XDA Zinc comes with a built in microphone & mono speakers which allows the user to take a call using the handsfree speaker call feature.

The phone comes with high quality technologies which allows the user to gain the best from their O2 XDA Zinc. The 3G technology provides the user with high speed Internet access & a high quality video calling experience on their mobile phone. The user can enjoy a wireless connection between compatible devices with the use of Bluetooth® Technology. The user can use a USB or Infra red connection compatible between devices to transfer data between the devices. The O2 XDA Zinc & connect to many devices including a laptop, personal computer, printer & PDA & connect to the devises using many different connection methods.

The user will become extremely organised with the O2 XDA Zinc as their companion. The XDA Zinc comes with Microsoft® Windows® Mobile™ which ideal for this mobile office. The phone comes with an integrated phone book which can be updated with ease, a built in calendar & calculator feature. The user can check the time & set the alarm clock. The phone has a task & noted feature which allows the user to store those all important reminders & list on their mobile handset.

O2 XDA Zinc Specifications & Features

65k Colour Transflective TFT 2.8 Inch Touch Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)

CMOS Digital Camera
Second Camera
Video Record
Video Player (MPEG4, 3GPP, MJPG)
Video Calling
Photo ID Contacts

SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Picture Messaging
Instant Messaging (MSN® Messenger)
Email Pocket Outlook
Predictive Text

Music Player
Polyphonic Ringtones (64 Voice)
Mono Speaker
Handsree Speaker

Java™ Games
Embedded Games
Downloadable Games

Phone Book
Alarm Clock
Microsoft® Windows® Mobile™
QWERTY Keyboard

Infra Red
USB Cable
USB Mini

Tri Band (GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)


Memory & Talk Time
128 Mbytes Memory plus 64 Mbytes Mini SD™ Memory Card
Talk Time: 5 Hours
Standby Time: 220 Hours

Weight & Size
170 g
110 x 59 x 21 mm