Nokia N73 3G SmartPhone Overview

nokia_n73_1.jpgKey Features
3G Technology
3.2 Megapixel Camera with 20 x Zoom
Video Recorder with 2 x Zoom
Visual Radio
Bluetooth® Technology
42 Mbytes Memory Plus MiniSD™ Memory Card

Nokia N73 3G SmartPhone Review

The Nokia N73 is a simply attractive 3G mobile phone which is a member of the N series. The N series is designed by Nokia & other members of the family include the Nokia N71, Nokia N72, Nokia N80, Nokia N90, Nokia 91, Nokia N92 & Nokia N93. The handset is a bar style design & offers the user a simple & fully equipped 3G imaging & music orientated mobile phone. The handset comes in a choice of four attractive colours which compliment the phones design & include silver grey, deep plum, frost white & metallic red. The Nokia N73 weighs 116 grams & measures 110 x 49 x19 mm in total which is a compact & well designed handset. The phone is full of great technology which is user friendly & improves the phones performance. The phone works on a quad band network which covers GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 & includes WCDMA 2100. The N73 comes with 42 Mbytes of shared memory & the user can expand the phones memory up to 1 Gbyte by using the MiniSD™ memory card for extra storage. The phone is a 3G mobile phone which offers the user great connectivity which includes Bluetooth® wirefree connection, USB 2.0 with Pop Port™ connection & an infra red connection. The user can connect to compatible devices with ease & move data or images between the devices quickly & efficiently. The phone allows the user to connect to the Internet & enjoy a fast HTML & XHTML Internet experience for pleasure or work related browsing. The Nokia N73 comes with a Symbian OS operating system with S60 software, Nokia PC Suite & Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition.

The phone comes with a large 2.4 Inch TFT colour screen which provides 262k colours & a 240 x 320 pixel screen resolution. The screen comes with a light detector which can be used to save power & provides the best possible brightness on the screen. The integrated 3.2 megapixel camera is of outstanding quality & has a 20 x digital zoom & autofocus option. The user can use the cameras built in flash when taking a photo in duller conditions. The camera feature comes with a capture key which makes taking a photo quick & easy for the user. The Nokia N73 camera feature comes with many different setting modes to ensure the user will capture the perfect photo each & every time. The user can select a camera mode which provides automatic, off, on, or eye reduction mode. The user may select an advanced camera mode which includes still, sequence & video mode. The user can select from normal, sepia, black & white, vivid & negative to change the colour effect of their photo. The user can capture photos in different ways by selecting either automatic, user defined, close up, landscape, sport, portrait or night setting. The user can use the second VGA camera to take part in a video call. The VGA camera comes with a 2 x digital zoom which allows the user to get a closer image on the video call. The user can store their photos on the phones memory, send to other contacts via multimedia messaging service or email, print using Nokia Xpress printing & download to other devices using the phones connectivity options.

nokia_n73_3.jpg nokia_n73_2.jpg nokia_n73_1.jpg

The video feature allows the user to record, play & stream video. The video recorder is simple to use & comes with a digital zoom which is 4 x zoom for CIF & 8 x zoom for QCIF. The record feature comes with video stabilization which will assist the user to record a smooth finish & eliminate the subtle shake of the users hand whilst recording. The phones memory allows the user to record up to 1.5 hours worth of footage when recording in MPEG4 CIF format at 15 frames per second with ACC audio. The video feature comes with ACC stereo audio recording & has a automatic, night, close up, beach, snow, cinema & old film settings. The user can share their video or photos with others by using Nokia XpressShare which allows the user to send either stored footage or just recorded footage with others via Bluetooth®, email or multimedia messaging service. The user can use Nokia XpressTransfer to transfer either video, photos or music between the Nokia N73 & a compatible personal computer. The Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition will assist the user when editing & arranging video or photos.

The user can have a fun music experience on the N73 as it comes with a high quality music feature that provides clear stereo sound. The music player allows the user to play their favourite music in MP3, AAC, eAAC, EAAC+ & WMA music formats. The music player comes with an equalizer & the user can create music playlists. The user can tune into their favourite radio station on the integrated FM radio. The visual radio feature allows the user to receive information which is provided by the radio station. The information provided includes details on the song being played by the radio station, news headlines & sporting highlights. The information is provided in text format on the phones display so the information will not interrupt the users listening experience. The N73 comes with stereo headset which allows the user to enjoy a personal music experience. The user can transfer music by using Nokia XpressTransfer which allows the user to transfer music between a compatible personal computer & the Nokia N73.

The personal information management feature provides the user with many useful features which include contact details, notes, clock feature, calendar, to do list, converter & calculator. The phone comes with voice commands which allow the user to activate features by voice command only. The N73 has a voice dialling feature which allows the user to make a call quickly by voice activation alone. The handsfree speaker phone feature is useful & easy to set up which allows the user to have a conversation over the loud speaker system. The user can have a handsfree conversation & continue to work & talk with ease. The push to talk call feature allows the user to talk to one or more contacts using a walkie talkie type feature. The user presses down & remains holding down the push to talk key when they wish to talk to others & on releasing the key the user will be able to hear the others talking in response. The Nokia N73 comes with a vibration alert which can be set to on or off & the user can enjoy a conference call with colleagues, friends or family.

The N73 comes with all the messaging features that the user could desire which includes email with attachments, text messaging, multimedia messaging & instant messaging. The multimedia messaging service allows the user to send & receive messages with photos or video with sound & text. The multimedia message allows the user to have a reading & viewing experience through a messaging service. The email service supports SMTP, IMAP4 & POP3 email service & comes complete with an attachment option which allows the user to send & receive information in all popular file formats.

Nokia N73 Music Edition

The Nokia N73 Music Edition is a member of the Nokia N Series Music Edition range which includes other music orientated 3G Smartphones including the Nokia N70 Music Edition & the Nokia N91 8GB Music Edition. The N73 Music Edition is a music orientated version of the Nokia N73 but with a large memory capability & enhanced music features. The Nokia N73 Music Edition comes with up to 2 Gbytes of memory which allows the user to store all their music easily. The N73 Music Edition comes in a sleek black coloured casing which makes the Music Edition handset stand out in a crowd.

The Nokia N73 Music Edition measures 110 x 49 x 19 mm & weighs 112 grams which provides the user with a compact & solid feeling Smartphone handset. The heightened music features include new Nokia PC Suite software for easy synchronization & music management. The user can rip their CD’s then synchronise them with their N73 Music Edition & enjoy a full mobile music experience. The N73 Music Edition can synchronization with Windows Media Player. The user can access their music with ease using the dedicated music keys.

Nokia N73 Specifications & Features

262k Colour Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)

3.2 Megapixel Camera
20 x Digital Zoom
Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar™ Lens
Lens Cover
Capture Key
Camera Modes (Auto, Off, On & Red Eye Reduction)
Advanced Camera Modes (Still, Sequence & Video)
Scenes Settings (Automatic, User Defined, Close Up, Portrait, Landscape, Sport & Night)
White Balance (Automatic, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten & Fluorescent)
Colour Tone (Normal, Sepia, Black & White, Vivid & Negative)
Brightness Control (Image Quality, Self Timer, White Balance & Colour Tones)
Video Player (MPEG4, H263 & RealVideo)
Video Recorder (MPEG4)
Video Streaming
Video Stabilisation
Video Clip (1.5 Hour)
Video Modes (Auto, Night, Close Up, Snow, Beach, Cine & Old Film)
Video Digital Zoom
Video Calling
Second VGA Camera
2 x Digital Zoom

SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Email (SMTP, IMAP4 & POP3)
Email with Attachments
Instant Messaging
SMS Distribution List
Predictive Text

RealPlayer Media Player
Music Player (MP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+ & WMA)
Stereo FM Radio
Visual Radio
MP3 & Polyphonic Ringtones
Stereo Speakers
Stereo Headset
Nokia PC Suite Music Transfer
Voice Commands
Voice Recorder
Voice Dialling
Handsfree Speaker

Java™ Games
Java™ Applications
Embedded Games
Downloadable Games
To Do List
Vibrating Alert
Conference Call
Push To Talk
S60 Software
Symbian OS
Nokia XpressPrint Printing Solution
PictBridge Printing

USB 2.0
Pop Port™
Infra Red

Quad Band (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
WCDMA 2100


Memory & Talk Time
42 Mbytes Memory Plus MiniSD™ Memory Card
6 Hours Talk Time
350 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
116 g
110 x 49 x 19 m