Nokia Music Collection


Nokia have designed a range of mobile phones that are highly music focused in their design & integrated music features. The Nokia designers know that mobile phone users want more from their phone & music features are the answer. The Nokia music phones vary in looks, style, design & colour. All the mobile phones come with different integrated features but they all have high quality music features which will get the users talking. The Nokia music phones come in all shapes & sizes with twist opening, slide opening & simply no opening mechanisms.

The music phones include the Nokia N73, Nokia 6111, Nokia 3250 XpressMusic, Nokia 5500 Sport, Nokia 6233 & the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic. All of the phones come with easy to use & manage music players which play all popular music file formats. Nokia Music Management software makes downloading music files easy for the user. The user can use either Bluetooth® wireless connectivity or a USB cable to transfer their music between compatible devices.

The memory capabilities are different for each phone but the Nokia 3250 XpressMusic, Nokia 5300 XpressMusic, Nokia 5500 Sport, Nokia 6233 & Nokia N73 come with a memory card facility which allows the user to expand their music phones memory with swappable memory cards.

All of the music phones comes with a built in FM radio which allows the user to enjoy a radio experience on their mobile phone. The Nokia 3250 XpressMusic, Nokia 5500 Sports Music Edition, Nokia 6111, Nokia 6233 & the Nokia N73 come with a visual radio feature which is text information that is shown on the phones screen for the user to view & the information is provided by the radio stations.

All of the Nokia music phones come with an integrated megapixel camera feature which can range from a 1.3 megapixel camera up to a beautifully clear 3.2 megapixel camera which can be found on the Nokia N73. All of the music phones come with video playing & recording facilities but the Nokia 5500 Sport, Nokia 6111, Nokia 6233 & the Nokia N73 come with video streaming facilities. The music orientated Nokia 6233 & highly capable Nokia N73 are 3G mobile phones which come with 3G video calling.

Music will get you talking… About Nokia’s Music Phones.

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