Nokia E61i 3G SmartPhone Overview

nokia_e61i_1.jpgKey Features
QWERTY Keyboard with Backlight
2.8 Inch 16 Million Colour QVGA Screen (320 x 240 Pixels)
3G WCDMA Technology
Quad Band (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
Email with Attachment & Email Indicator
HTML Browser

Nokia E61i 3G SmartPhone Review

The Nokia E61i is an impressive 3G smartphone which has been designed for the business user on the move. The E61i comes in a slim & easy to handle casing which provides the user with all their business, communication & entertainment needs a user could ever need, in one portable device with high quality technologies. The handset weighs 150 grams & is 117mm x 70mm x 13.9mm in size. The handset has a slimmer lower end which makes the handset easy to hold & use, which measures only 11.5mm in depth. The Nokia E61i comes with a 2.8 Inch high colour screen which provides up to sixteen million colours on a 56.9mm x 42.7mm active display. The screen comes with a high screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The keyboard provides the user with a full QWERTY keyboard & numeric keypad all in one easy to use keyboard. The keypad comes with a lighting control which displays the keypad beautifully for the user. The handset comes with easy to access one touch keys which include a Navi™ key, phone book key, power key & a my own key. The 3G smartphone comes with S60 software on Symbian operating system & complete with Nokia Team Suite application which can be used for call sessions with contacts.

The phone comes with 60 Mbytes of internal memory & with a MicroSD™ memory slot which allows the user to expand their phones memory to suit their memory requirements. The user can expand their phones memory further by using a 2 Gbyte MicroSD™ memory card. The quad band technology allows the user to enjoy worldwide network coverage depending on the service operator. The E61i is a 3G WCDMA capable smartphone which provides the user with a fast multitasking handset to suit all business users needs. The user can connect to compatible devices including a PC, laptop, printer & more using any compatible connectivity option the Nokia E61i offers, which includes USB with Pop Port™, Bluetooth® wireless technology, infra red & WLAN. The user can use WLAN to connect on the go from a selection of worldwide locations including restaurants, cafes or from the users home. The battery provides approximately 5 hours of GSM talk time, between 2.2 to 5 hours of WCDMA talk time & between 4.4 to 4.6 hours of voice over IP talk time. The battery provides approximately 312 hours of GSM standby time, between 312 to 456 hours of WCDMA talk time & between 192 to 228 hours of GSM, WCDMA & WLAN talk time from a fully charged battery.

nokia_e61i_2.jpg nokia_e61i_3.jpg nokia_e61i_1.jpg

The E61i comes with a email service which works just like the user has on their home or office PC. The user can enjoy a Intellisync wireless email experience & send or receive emails complete with document attachments. The email attachments can come in the form of Quickoffice, ZIP manager & Adobe Acrobat reader. The user can access their emails quickly using the email key & the user will know when a new email comes in as the phone comes with a LED email indicator. The Nokia E61i comes with a text (SMS) message service & a multimedia (MMS) message service which allows the user to share their photos or videos with other compatible multimedia messaging contacts. The user can use the text to speech message reading feature when the user is unable to read their messages from the screen. The E61i comes with an instant messaging function which allows the user to go online & converse using text & symbols with any contacts who are online at the same time. The user can surf the Internet using high speed 3G & explore the full potential of mobile browsing using the built in HTML Internet browser. The Nokia Internet browser comes with a mini map feature.

The user can take still photographs & record video footage using the 2 megapixel camera feature which is easy to use. The user can capture those special moments in their life, quickly & easily on their 3G smartphone. The user can share their photographs & video with others or simply save them on their extendable memory. The user can steam & play video footage on their phone which provides the user with entertainment on the move. The built in music player provides the user with easy to use music controls which allow the user to download & store their favourite music, which will be ready & waiting to be enjoyed. The user can enjoy MP3 & AAC music playback & the E61i comes with a Nokia headset for a personal listing experience. The handset comes with an extensive range of call option which will suit any business user. The user can have a voice over IP Internet call, take part in a conference call, take their call over the speakers using the handsfree speaker phone feature & have a push to talk style call with others. The Nokia E61i comes with voice features which include voice commands, voice recording & a voice dialling facility which allows the user to make those all important calls quickly & efficiently.

Nokia E61i Specifications & Features

2.8 Inch 16 Million Colour QVGA Screen (320 x 240 Pixels)

2 Megapixel Camera
Video Recorder
Video Streaming
Video Player

SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Instant Messaging
Email (POP3, IMAP & SMTP)
Intellisync Wireless Email
Email with Attachment
Email Attachment (Quickoffice, ZIP Manager & Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Email Key & LED Indicator
Text to Speech Message Reader

Music Player (MP3 & AAC)
Nokia Headset
Voice Dialling
Voice Commands
Voice Recording

Java™ Games
Downloadable Games
Embedded Games

Phone Book
Alarm Clock
To Do List
World Clock
Nokia Team Suite
Voice Over IP Internet Call
Conference Call
Push to Talk
Handsfree Speaker
Symbian Operating System
S60 Software on Symbian OS
Keypad Display Lighting Control
QWERTY Keyboard with Backlight

Infra Red

Quad Band (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)

HTML Browser
XHTML Browser
Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map

Memory & Talk Time
60 Mbytes Memory plus MicroSD™ Memory Card Option
5 Hours Talk Time
312 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
150 g
117 x 70 x 13.9 mm