Nokia E50 SmartPhone Overview

nokia_8800_11.jpgKey Features
Bluetooth® Technology
Quad Band (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
1.3 Megapixel Camera with 4 x Digital Zoom
Symbian Operating System with S60 Software

Nokia E50 SmartPhone Review

The Nokia E50 Smartphone is the business users perfect partner as it comes with S60 software on a Symbian operating system. The handset is very attractive & comes in a silver coloured casing with black sections to add style & class to this business mobile phone. The handset weighs 104 grams & measures 113 x 43.5 x 15.5 mm which provides the user with a neat & easy to handle mobile phone. The E50 comes from the E range designed beautifully by Nokia which includes the Nokia E60, Nokia E61 & the Nokia E70.

The phone comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera complete with a 4 x digital zoom. The camera feature provides the user with a fun element to this highly equipped business phone. The large TFT screen works as a viewfinder & provides a 262k colour display & a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The user can store their pictures on the very capable memory, share the pictures with others via multimedia messaging or email. The Nokia E50 comes with 70 Mbytes of dynamic memory which is a large amount & can be expanded even further by using the MicroSD™ cards. The memory cards are hot swappable cards that can be inserted & removed easily. The user can record video for up to one hour & store it on the phones memory & play it back on the video player. The Nokia E50 has a built in music player which plays music in either MP3 format or AAC music format. The RealPlayer feature allows the user to play streaming sound & video footage.

The user can stay in contact with colleagues & friends with any or all of the messaging services provided on the Nokia E50 which include text messaging (SMS), multimedia messaging (MMS) & email. The multimedia message can include a picture or video with sound or voice clips & text which can be sent & received to any MMS compatible mobile phone user. The MMS service allows the user to not only tell the contact what is going on but the user can actually show them by adding the picture or video. The email service is simple to use which supports POP3, IMAP4 & SMTP email. The user can attach documents & files to their emails & use the email service just like they would do on their personal computer including access to personal email accounts. The user can attach & view documents in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, & Excel. The phone comes equipped with a zip manager & Adobe reader compatibility. The Nokia E50 comes with instant messaging service which works like an online conversation between compatible users & is a fast & effective way to communicate with others.

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The user can play multi player games by using a Bluetooth® connection or an infra red connection. The phone comes with a Pro Tour Golf game preinstalled & the phone can play Java™ or Symbian games which can be downloaded. The Nokia E50 comes with a highly manageable phone book, notepad, alarm clock, timer, calculator & calendar. The phone has a automatic key guard & comes with terminal management security which works as a security management device.

The user can connect to the Web & view Web sites in XHTML & HTML from the browser. The E50 comes with quad band technology which works on GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900 over five continents & will switch between bands. The phone comes with Edge which provides a fast & effective data connectivity for the user. The user can connect to compatible devices using Bluetooth® wireless technology, infra red connection or by using a USB cable connection. The user can connect using Bluetooth®, infra red & USB connection all at the same time.

The E50 comes with a caller identification with image feature which allows the user to attach a picture to a contact in their phone book. The picture will be shown each time the contacts details are displayed & each time the contact makes an incoming call. The phone comes with a push to talk feature which allows the user to have a conversation with a group of contacts & works like a walkie talkie style call method. The user can talk to other contacts by pushing & holding in the talk button & on releasing the button the user will be able to hear the other contacts talking. The push to talk feature is simple to use & is a great way of staying in group discussions with colleagues & friend. The phone comes with a conference call feature which allows the user to have a conversation with up to six contacts per conference call. The conference call allows all the contacts to talk together & hear each others views all on one call. The Nokia E50 has a handsfree speaker feature which allows the user to speak over the phones speakers on any call which leaves the user with free hands to carry on working without having to hold the phones handset. The user can enjoy the enhanced voice features which include voice dialling, voice commands & voice recording. The voice dialling allows the user to dial a contact using their voice alone & the voice commands feature allows the user to open certain application using voice commands. The voice recording feature allows the user to record short messages & memorandums on their phone.

Nokia E50 Specifications & Features

TFT 262k Colour Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)

1.3 Megapixel Camera
4 x Digital Zoom
Video Recorder (Up to 1 Hour)
Video Player
Caller Identification with Image

SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
SMS Distribution List
Concatenated SMS
Email (POP3, IMAP4 & SMTP)
Email Data Roaming
Email with Attachment Support
Attachment Viewer Support
Instant Messaging

Music Player (MP3 & AAC)
Push to Talk
Voice Commands
Voice Dialling
Handsfree Speaker
Conference Call (Up to 6 Contacts)
Vibrating Alert

Pro Tour Golf Game
Java™ Games
Symbian Games
Downloadable Games
Embedded Games

Phone Book
Customisable Profiles
Alarm Clock
Symbian Operating System OS 9.1
S60 Software 3rd Edition
Automatic Key Guard
Terminal Management Security
Call Management

Infra Red

Quad Band (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)

XHTML & HTML Browser

Memory & Talk Time
70 Mbytes Dynamic Memory plus Hot Swap MicroSD™ Card
8 Hours Talk Time
240 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
104 g
113 x 43.5 x 15.5 mm