Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition Overview

nokia_8800_sirocco_edition_1.jpgKey Features
262k TFT Colour Screen
Digital Music Player
FM Radio
2 Megapixel Camera
Bluetooth® Technology
EDGE Technology

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition Review

The super stylish Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition comes in an elegant stainless steel body which is extremely user friendly. The handset has an exquisite design & comes with sensuous curves in the body of the casing which makes holding & using the handset a pleasure of the user. The handset has a signature thumb rest which adds to the sensuous curves of the casing & a hidden keypad which is easy to access. The mobile phone comes with a fluid slide opening mechanism which has been designed using a smooth ball bearing slide system. The Nokia 8800 comes in two colours which are silver or black which comes with a high quality glossy finish.

The Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition comes with a large TFT screen which displays up to 262k bright colours for the user to view at their information, photos & video recordings. The screen can be viewed when the handset is in the opened or closed position. The phone comes with a premium user interface which is exclusive to the Nokia 8800. The screen has a scratch resistant sapphire coated glass which will protect it from any unavoidable knocks during carrying. The colourful screen will provide a screen resolution of 208 x 208 pixel which allows the user to see all their photos & video recordings on a clear & bright display.

The phone comes with 128 Mbytes of internal NAND Flash memory & with a fitted rechargeable battery. The battery will provide the user with up to two hundred & forty hours of standby time & three & three quarter hours of talk time. The stylish handset weighs one hundred & thirty eight grams & measures 107 x 45 x 17.5 mm in the closed position. The user can have lots of fun using the built in 2 megapixel camera which is easy to use & comes with selectable photo settings. The photo settings will ensure the perfect photo is captured with a truly professional finish. The camera can capture photos at 1600 x 1200 pixels which provides the user with a beautifully clear photo which can be saved or shared with other contacts. The Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition comes with a built in video feature which can play video footage which has been sent or saved & record video footage.

nokia_8800_sirocco_edition_1.jpg nokia_8800_sirocco_edition_2.jpg nokia_8800_sirocco_edition_3.jpg

The Nokia 8800 mobile handset comes with multimedia messaging (MMS) capabilities which allows the user to stay in contact with other MMS compatible mobile phone users. The MMS message can contain music or sound with a video clip or photo which will give the user & their contact a fun & real life messaging experience. The Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition comes with an instant messaging service which allows the user to communicate with any contact who is online at the same time as the user. The user can have an online chat with all instant messaging compatible contacts. The phone comes with an email service which supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 & APOP. The user has a good choice of messaging service which allows the user to stay in contact with all business contacts, friends & family from their mobile phone.

The user can tune into their favourite FM radio station or play their favourite style of music on the built in digital music player which will play MP3 & eAAC music formats. The Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition comes with ringtones which have been composer by Brian Eno the ambient music composer.

The user can take part in a conference call which is easy to set up & allows the user to talk to more than one contact at a time on one call. The user can use the handsfree speakerphone which allows the user to have a handsfree call experience & lets the user get on with their work or jobs whilst taking a call over the phones speaker system. The phone comes with enhanced voice feature which allows the user to use voice activated commands for dialling. The user can use the automatic redial option & speed dialling feature to make the calling experience easier & quicker.

The Nokia 8800 Sirocco comes with Bluetooth® technology which allows the user to connect to any Bluetooth® compatible device & enjoy a wirefree connection between the two compatible devices. The phone comes with EDGE technology which provides the user with efficiently fast & effective data transfer which works approximately three times faster than GPRS. The phone comes with tri band technology which works over three network bands & will automatically switch between the networks without the user knowing.

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition Specifications & Features

262k TFT Colour Screen (208 x 208 Pixels)

2 Megapixel Camera (1600 x 1200 Pixels)
Video Player
Video Recorder
Photo Frames
Animated Wallpapers
Animated Screensavers
Theme Displays
3D Images

SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Instant Messaging (IMPS)
Email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 & APOP)
Predictive Text
Language Support

Digital Music Player (MP3 & eAAC)
FM Radio
MP3 Ringtones
Polyphonic Ringtones (64 Voice)
Designer Ringtones
Handsfree Speaker
Enhanced Voice Commands

Embedded Java™ Games
Downloadable Java™ Games

Alarm Clock
Speed Dialing
Automatic Redial
Conference Call

SyncML Data Synchronization

Tri Band (GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)

XHTML Browser

Memory & Talk Time
128 Mbytes NAND Flash Memory
3.75 Hours Talk Time
240 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
138 g
107 x 45 x 17.5 mm