Nokia 6080 Overview

nokia_6080_1.jpgKey Features
EDGE Technology
VGA Camera
Nokia Xpress Messaging
Stereo FM Radio
Tri Band (GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)

Nokia 6080 Review

The Nokia 6080 is a sophisticated camera phone which comes in a classic & minimalist looking handset. The handset comes in a choice of two colours which are a sleek black & a classy gold finish. The handset weighs 91 grams which is a good weight for a camera phone & measures 105.4 x 44.3 x 18.6 mm with the battery fitted. The phone comes with a missed event indicator which is a flashing light display that allows the user to see when a call has been missed, a new message arrives or a calendar reminder has come to date. The light display allows the user to see what is going on with their phone quickly & brings another stylish feature to this already distinctive phone. The Nokia 6080 comes with 16 Mbytes of memory & will provide the user with up to 300 hours worth of standby time on the battery. The 6080 is a unique phone but comes from the same family as the Nokia 6070 which also a classic designed phone with great built in features.

The phone comes with a bright 65k colour screen which displays animated screensavers, animated wallpapers, the phones menu system & works as a clear viewfinder for the camera & video features on the 6080. The camera feature is a VGA type camera which provides the user with much fun & entertainment. The user can capture all their life’s funniest moments & either save them, share them or print them. The user can upload their photos via the mobile Internet connection easily & let others enjoy their photos. The camera feature comes with a photo frame option which allows the user to add frames to their special photos & adds a quality finish. The Nokia 6080 comes with a video clip recorder & video player feature. The user can record & playback their favourite moments time after time with the easy to use video features.

The Nokia 6080 comes with a text message service which allows the user to stay in contact with friends via a messaging service. The text message service comes with predictive text which provides the user with a quick input method that can be set to on or off to suit the users needs. The multimedia message service allows the user to send pictures or video clips complete with text & sound to enhance the messaging experience. The multimedia message service can be sent to any multimedia messaging compatible mobile phone. The 6080 also comes with Xpress messaging & instant messaging services which are quick & convenient ways to communicate with others. The email service supports SMTP, POP3 & IMAP4 which allows the user to send & receive emails directly to the Nokia 6080.

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The user can contact others by using the push to talk feature which works like a walkie talkie & allows the user to communicate with others by using this user friendly feature. The user pushes the push to talk button & remains holding down the button to talk to others. The user can hear others talking back to them when the push to talk button is released. The phone has a built in microphone & speaker so that the user can use the handsfree speaker phone to communicate with others without having to hold the handset to their ear. The user can use voice commands to activate selected features & to call others by using the voice dialling feature.

The Nokia 6080 comes with the choice of many ringing tones & alerts. The user can select MP3, MIDI, true tunes & polyphonic ringing tones which can be set as a ringing tone or alert for messages & reminders. The user can have a lively music experience by tuning into their favourite FM radio station on the integrated radio feature. A Nokia stereo headset comes with the 6080 & gives the user the choice of having a personal radio listening experience or the user can hear the radio over the phones speakers for a louder & shared music experience.

The Web browser is a XHTML type browser & allows the user to access all XHTML type sites. The browser allows the user to gain access to news & current events easily. The user can connect to compatible devices by using an infra red connection or a wired USB cable connection. The Nokia 6080 comes with built in EDGE technology which provides a faster data transfer for the user. The phone works across a tri band network which includes GSM 900, GSM1800 & GSM 1900 which allows the user to enjoy the freedom of a five continent network coverage. The 6080 comes with a built in & highly manageable phone book & calendar. The user can set reminders in their calendar so that they will never forget those special & important dates. The user can use the countdown timer when they feel the need too & work out their budget with the built in calculator feature. The Nokia 6080 is an attractive & well featured mobile phone that will be enjoyed by its user.

Nokia 6080 Specifications & Features

65k Colour Screen (128 x 160 Pixels)

VGA Camera
Video Clips
Video Player
Video Recorder
Photo Frames
Animated Wallpapers
Animated Screensavers
Colour Schemes

SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Instant Messaging
Nokia Xpress Messaging
Email (SMTP, POP3 & IMAP4)
Predictive Text

Stereo FM Stereo
MP3 Ringtones
True Tones, MIDI & Polyphonic Ringtones (24 Voice)
AMR Audio
Nokia Headset
Voice Dialing
Voice Commands
Voice Recorder
Handsfree Speaker
Push To Talk

Embedded Java™ Games
Downloadable Java™ Games

Alarm Clock
Countdown Timer
To Do List
Missed Event Indicator

Infra Red
Pop Port™
SyncML Data Synchronization

Tri Band (GSM 900, 1800 & 1900)

XHTML Browser

Memory & Talk Time
16 Mbytes Memory
3.5 Hours Talk Time
300 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
91 g
105.4 x 44.3 x 18.6 mm