Nokia 5070 Overview

nokia_5070_1.jpgKey Features
EDGE Technology
300 Hours Standby
Music Player
FM Stereo Radio
VGA Camera
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)

Nokia 5070 Review

The Nokia 5070 is a simple & subtle mobile phone handset which comes with easy to access features. The phone comes in a solid bar designed handset which is 105.4mm tall, 44.3mm wide by 18.6mm in thickness. The 5070 weighs 88 grams which is a lightweight mobile phone for the user to carry at all times. The casing is mainly white in colour & comes with a choice of bright blue or bright red coloured side panels which provides an attractive design. The phone has a user friendly keypad, navigation control & a 65,000 colour CSTN screen.

The phone comes with fun built in features which include a digital camera feature, video player, music player & FM radio. The user will never be short of entertainment on their Nokia 5070. The user can capture still or moving footage using the built in VGA camera. The camera feature comes with easy to use camera functions which allow the user to add frames to their photos & even set a self timer when capture their snaps. The video feature allows the user to record & playback video footage on their mobile device. The 5070 comes with an integrated music player which brings the phone to life with great sound. The user can play their favourite tracks in MP3, AMP, AAC, eAAC+ & WMA music formats. The music features do not stop there as the FM radio allows the user to tune into their favourite station at any time & enjoy their favourite music, sport or news station. The Nokia 5070 can play ringing tones in either polyphonic, MP3, true tones or MIDI format.

nokia_5070_1.jpg nokia_5070_2.jpg

The 5070 comes with voice features which include voice recording & voice commands which allow the user to activate functions using voice activated controls. The call features on the Nokia 5070 include an automatic answering service, speed dialling, handsfree call option & a push to talk call feature. The push to talk call feature works like a walkie talkie style conversation which allows the user to press the push to talk key when talking & on releasing the key, the user can hear their contacts talking back. The handsfree speaker phone feature allows the user to take a call over the phones loud speakers which means the user will hear their contact out loud & the users voice will be picked up by the discrete built in microphone. The handsfree call feature allows the user to enjoy a call without holding the handset to their ear throughout the call. The phone comes with all the every day features a user expects from their mobile handset which includes a calculator, clock, alarm clock, calendar & built in phone book which is easy to update. The user can add, remove & edit their contacts details in their phone book with ease.

The user can connect their phone to other compatible devices to print their photos or download their video & music files. The user can use a USB or infra red connection to transfer data & enjoy fast data transfer speed with the help of EDGE technology. The Nokia 5070 comes with 16 Mbytes of internal memory which allows the user to store their phone book entries, photos, music & video recordings with ease. The phone works on a tri band network which covers GSM 900, 1800 & 1900 networks. The user can use the XHTML Web browser to access the Web & gain access to the information they desire from their mobile phone. The fitted battery provides up to three & a half hours talk time & up to three hundred hours of standby battery time from a fully charged battery.

The Nokia 5070 comes complete with easy to access, easy to manage & simple to use messaging services. The user can share their photos with family & friends using the MMS messaging service which comprises of text, sound & photo. The MMS message experience can be shared between compatible MMS contacts. The phone comes with a SMS text message service which allows the user to create send & receive SMS messages which comes with an inbox & sent messages record. The user can communicate with other compatible contacts by sending an email, instant message or an audio message. The instant message service allows the user to send messages to any instant messaging compatible contacts who is online at the same as the user. The instant message works like an online text chat between contacts who are online at the same time & is a fun way to communicate.

Nokia 5070 Specifications & Features

CSTN 65k Colour Screen (128 x 160 Pixel)

VGA Camera
Self Timer
Video Recorder
Video Player (H263 & MPEG4)
Themed Displays
Animated Screensavers

SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Email (SMTP, POP3 & IMAP4)
Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging
Instant Messaging
Predictive Text

Music Player (MP3, AMP, AAC, eAAC+ & WMA)
FM Stereo Radio
Ringtones (MP3, True Tones & MIDI)
Polyphonic Ringtones
Voice Commands
Voice Recorder

Java™ Games
Embedded Games
Downloadable Games

Phone Book
To Do List
Alarm clock
Speed Dialling
Automatic Answer
Handsfree Speaker
Push to talk

Pop Port™
Infra Red

Tri Band Technology (GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)


Memory & Talk Time
16 Mbytes Memory
3.5 Hours Talk Time
300 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
88 g
105.4 x 44.3 x 18.6 mm