Nokia 1200 Overview

Key Features
Monochrome LCD Screen with Green Backlight (96 x 68 Pixels)
One Touch Shortcut Keys
Dual Band (GSM 900 & GSM 1800)
SMS (Text Messaging)
77 Grams

Nokia 1200 Review

The Nokia 1200 is a dependable mobile phone which comes in the form of a classic style handset. The main colour of the handset is silver from the front & dark grey on the reverse. The user can express their individual taste by selecting either a black gloss edging or a bright blue coloured edging. The handset is incredibly user friendly which makes this design popular for those users who want a phone to be a phone & not a highly technical communication device. The Nokia 1200 is a lightweight mobile phone which feels good to hold with its 102mm x 44.1mm x 17.5mm sized casing. The screen provides the user with a black & white display on a LCD screen complete with a green backlight & screen resolution of 96 pixels x 68 pixels. The screen shows a large clock wallpaper which allows the user to check to time easily when the handset is not in use. The keypad comes with well spaced out keys & the keypad is dust resistant which prevents damage to the keypad. The user will find the one touch shortcut key a pleasure to use which allows the user to gain quick access to features including text messages, calendar feature, contacts details, loudspeaker & flashlight. The flashlight feature allows the user to lighten up their environment with a flashlight feature built into their mobile phone.

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The 1200 comes with connection ports which connect the mobile phone to a compatible headset & to the Nokia battery charger. The mobile phone comes with dual band technology which allows the user to use their phone over GSM 900 & 1800 networks. The battery provides up to 390 hours of standby battery time & up to 7 hours talk time from a fully charged battery. The Nokia 1200 comes with a power saver mode which helps the user to conserve power when the phone is not in use. The user can use the Time Tracker feature to control the amount of time spent on each call & the phone will disconnect after a set amount of time. The 1200 comes with 4 Mbytes of built in memory which allows the user to store their contact details & text messages. The built in phone book feature allows the user to store up to two hundred contacts at any one time. The phone comes with a wide range of language support & many useful features which will assist the user on a day to day basis. The built in facilities include a reminders features for appointments & meetings, calculator, converter, alarm clock, countdown timer & a clock feature which can be viewed in either analogue or digital format.

The Nokia 1200 comes with adjustable volume control which allows the user to adjust their ringtone or call volume easily. The user can hear their callers clearly as the Nokia 1200 comes with noise cancellation filters which filter the background noise to improve the sound quality of each call. The phone comes with preloaded MP3 type & polyphonic ringtones which can be heard in 32 voices. The handsfree speaker feature is ideal when the user wants to take a call over the phone speaker system which allows the user to enjoy a call without holding the handset to their ear. The 1200 is a user friendly, communication focused mobile handset which allows the user to send & receive SMS text messages. The user can enjoy storing up to sixty SMS text messages in their SMS inbox & create text messages using speed dialing for quick text input. The user can send a SMS text message to multiple contacts & send a picture message with fun graphics.

Nokia 1200 Specifications & Features

Monochrome LCD Screen with Green Backlight (96 x 68 Pixels)

Large Digital Clock Wallpaper
Animated Screensavers

SMS (Text Messaging)
Picture Messaging
Multiple Message Sending
SMS Inbox (Up to 60 Messages)
Message Distribution Lists
Speed Dialing

Preloaded MP3 & Polyphonic Ringtones
Polyphonic Ringtones (32 Voices)
Handsfree Speaker

Preloaded Games

Phone Book (200 Contacts)
Alarm Clock
Time (Analog & Digital)
Countdown Timer
Language Support
Time Tracker
One Touch Shortcut Keys


Dual Band (GSM 900 & GSM 1800)


Memory & Talk Time
4 Mbytes Memory
7 Hours Talk Time
390 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
77 g
102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm