Motorola RAZR V3i Overview


Key Features
Dual Colour Screen
1.23 Digital Camera with 8 x Zoom
SCREEN3 Technology
MPEG4 Video Recording
10 Mbytes Memory Plus MicroSD Memory

Motorola RAZR V3i Review

The Motorola RAZR V3i is an extremely sleek, stylish & highly designed mobile phone. It has a sculpted metal keypad & comes in a brushed metal casing which adds to it sophisticated appearance. The RAZR V3i is very similar to the Motorola RAZR V3 but the RAZR V3i is slightly slimmer & sleeker design. The Motorola V3i is available in special editions which include the Motorola V3i DG & the Motorola V3i m. The Motorola V3i DG is a Dolce & Gabbana phone which is unique & oozes a designer chic feel to it. The V3i DG has a gold coloured casing which has an anodized aluminum finish & the keypad is also gold. The phone comes with a gold DG headset & is the ultimate fashion statement.

The Motorola V3i m is a maroon coloured version of the V3i & the classy coloured casing stands out in a crowd. The internal colour screen is large & works excellently as a full screen view finder. The RAZR V3i has a 1.23 megapixel digital camera which comes with an 8 x zoom which allows the user to take the perfect photos. The phone comes complete with a video record & video playback feature which allows the user to always capture those special moments & save them on the MicroSD® removable memory card. The MicroSD® removable memory card can store photos & it is then possible for the user to print out the photos when they are back at home.

The external screen is very bright, clear & comes with 65k colours. The external screen is used to display who is calling & it is possible for the user to see all of this without even opening the RAZR V3i. The phone comes with a picture caller ID feature which is displayed on the external screen & it shows a picture of the caller instead of just displaying a contact number.

motorola_razr_v3i_1.jpg motorola_razr_v3i_2.jpg motorola_razr_v3i_3.jpg

The airplane mode feature is great if the user travels as it is possible for the user to listen to music, play games, view their calendar & access their contact list whilst they are on the airplane.

The RAZR V3i includes SCREEN3 technology which allows the user to see the latest worldwide news, sporting events & entertainment. The SCREEN3 is instant with a zero click access to all the news & there is no reason for the user to launch or search too far for any current events.

The RAZR V3i has a fabulous MP3 player & the phone comes with iTunes® music software which gives the user the freedom to transfer their favourite tunes directly to their mobile phone. The Motorola RAZR V3i allows the user to enjoy their favourite music & the sound quality is second to none. The phone has MP3 ringtones already installed & the user can download many more for their personal pleasure.

The phone has quad band technology which allows the user to roam across countries & continents with ease. The Bluetooth® technology allows the user to have a wire free connection at any time.

The phone comes with J2ME™ games embedded & the user can download many more games from the Internet. The internal screen can display high quality wallpapers & screensavers & the user can download more from the Internet to give the RAZR V3i a very personal theme & feel.

Motorola RAZR V3i Specifications & Features

Internal TFT 256k Colour Screen (176 x 220 Pixels)
External CSTN 65k Colour Screen (96 x 80 Pixels)

1.23 Digital Camera
8 x Digital Zoom
Video Capture
Video Playback
SCREEN3 Technology
MPEG4 Video
Downloadable Themes
Downloadable Screensaver
Downloadable Wallpaper
Picture Caller ID

SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
EMS (Enhanced Messaging)
Instant Messaging
Predictive Text

MP3 Player
Polyphonic Ringtones (24 Channels)
MP3 Ringtones
Speaker Phone
Hands Free Speaker Phone
Voice Memo
Mini-USB Stereo Headset
Apple iTunes Compatible

J2ME™ Embedded Games
J2ME™ Downloadable Games

Currency Converter
Airplane Mode

Mini USB

Quad Band Technology (GSM 850, 900, 1800 & 1900)


Memory & Talk Time
10 Mbytes Memory plus MicroSD (TransFlash Memory)
3.5 Hours Talk Time
200 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
95 g
98 x 53 x 13.9 mm