Motorola KRZR K3 3G Phone Overview

Key Features
3G HSDPA Technology
Video Calling
Bluetooth® Technology
50 Mbytes Memory plus MicroSD™ Memory Card
Dual Colour Screens
2 Megapixel Camera with 8 x Digital Zoom

Motorola KRZR K3 3G Phone Review

The Motorola KRZR K3 is pronounced Motorola KRAZAR K3 & also known as the MOTOKRZR K3. The phone is a 3G mobile phone which comes in a striking casing. The handset is slim, tall & compact & comes with a flip opening mechanism. The handset in only 16.3mm in thickness & weighs 110 grams which is slim & light for a 3G capable mobile phone. The handset feels solid & is easy to operate with a single hand. The casing comes in two colour options which are stone grey & dark pearl grey which provide a subtle & sophisticated looked to the KRZR K3. The phone comes with a high quality casing which is made from premium quality glass & metal with a tactile & smooth finish. The Motorola KRZR Z3 is from the same family as the stylish Motorola KRZR K1 & although the handsets may look alike there are major differences to their design & specification. The Motorola KRZR K3 is not just a 3G broadband mobile device it is a fashion statement in itself.

The 3G HSDPA & UMTS capabilities provide the user with broadband connectivity. The user can access the Internet for news, sports, video, music & much more from their fast & efficient mobile phone. The built in HSDPA technology provides the users will high speed capabilities which means the user will spend less time waiting for their phone to carry out tasks. The Motorola KRZR K3 comes with tri band technology which provide the user with network coverage in Europe & in the majority of the US. The phone comes with built in Bluetooth® wireless technology which allows the user to enjoy a cable free connection between compatible Bluetooth® devices. The KRZR K3 comes with a mini USB connection which allows the user to connect their phone to compatible mini USB compatible devices to gain a cabled connection. The user can enjoy a full & fast mobile Internet experience on their handset which comes with a dedicated Internet browser button. The user can access the Internet with one click of the button & access a wide selection of Internet sites to gain information on news, weather, music, travel directions, all the latest mobile devices & much more.

motorola_krzr_k3_1.jpg motorola_krzr_k3_2.jpg motorola_krzr_k3_3.jpg

The phone comes with dual screens which allows the user to view information both internally & externally on their mobile phone depending if the handset is in its open or closed position. The external screen provides a colour display with a screen resolution of 120 x 160 pixels & the internal screen provides a large 2 Inch colour display with a 240 x 320 pixel screen resolution. The KRZR K3 comes with high quality imagining features which allows the user to capture still photos & video recordings using the built in 2 megapixel camera. The camera comes with a built in flash & 8 x digital zoom. The user can use the camera quickly & easily to take a quick still snap or to capture a video recording when they are out & about. The photo & video camera comes with a selection of effects & options which allow the user to get the perfect finish & required quality for all of their photos or video recordings. The user can playback & stream video on their Motorola KRZR K3. The user can download the latest video over the air which allows the user to enjoy a full video experience on their mobile device. The phone supports SCREEN3 technology which allows the user to access information with zero clicks. The phone comes with a second camera which is used when video calling. The user can see who they are talking to with the video calling feature which can be enjoyed with any 3G video calling capable contact.

The 3G phone comes with a music player complete with easy to access music files which allows the user to store & play their music quickly on their KRZR K3. The phone comes with preloaded J2ME® games, colourful screensavers, a selection of ringtones for the user to enjoy as soon as they get their new handset. The user can download main more games, wallpapers, screensavers, images & ringtones to suit their style & personal taste. The Motorola KRZR K3 comes with easy to access & use messaging services which include text messaging, multimedia messaging, enhanced messaging & email. The user can access the services from the phones messaging menu & enjoy communicating using the messaging services provided with any compatible message service contact.

The user can record voice memorandums to store reminders & list for a later date. The phones battery will provide the user with approximately three hours of talk time & three hundred & forty hours of standby time from a fully charged battery which is good for a 3G capable mobile phone. The Motorola KRZR K3 comes with internal memory which is 50 Mbytes of memory & allows the user to store contacts details, messages, music, video & photos. The phone comes with a memory slot which allows the user to add a MicroSD™ type memory card to expand the phones memory capabilities further to suit the users storage needs. The user can manage their built in phone book efficiently & easily which allows the user to add, delete & update their contacts details quickly. The phone book will hold all the users contact details including different contact numbers. The KRZR K3 comes with a useful calendar feature, clock & alarm function which will keep the user organised at all times.

Motorola KRZR K3 Specifications & Features

Internal 2 Inch QVGA TFT 262k Colour Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)
External CSTN 65k Colour Screen (120 x 160 Pixels)

2 Megapixel Camera
8 x Digital Zoom
Photo Effects
Photo Modes
Video Record (MPEG4)
Video Player
Video Streaming
SCREEN3 Technology
Second VGA Camera
Video Calling
Picture Caller ID

SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
EMS (Enhanced Messaging)
Predictive Text

Music Player (MIDI, MP2, AAC & AAC+)
Polyphonic & MP3 Ringtones
Voice Memo
Voice Recognition
Voice Commands
Voice Dialling

J2ME® Games
Embedded Games
Downloadable Games

Currency Converter
Handsfree Speaker
Conference Call

Mini USB

Tri Band Technology (GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)

Dedicated Browser Key

Memory & Talk Time
50 Mbytes Memory plus MicroSD™ Memory Card
3 Hours Talk Time
340 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
110 g
103 x 42.3 x 16.3 mm