LG U970 Shine 3G Phone Overview


Key Features
3G HSPDA Technology
Video Calling
Music Player (MP3, AAC, AAC+ & AAC++)
Tri Band Technology (GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
2.2 Inch QVGA 262k Colour Screen with Mirror Effect
2 Megapixel Camera with Schneider Kreuznach Lens

LG U970 Shine 3G Phone Review

The U970 Shine is a 3G phone which comes in a luxurious stainless steel casing with a beautiful mirror effect screen. The U970 a member of the LG Black Label series which includes other fashion conscious handsets including the popular LG KE970 Shine, LG KG800 Chocolate & LG KE800 Chocolate Platinum. The U970 Shine comes with an easy to operate slide opening mechanism which slides open beautifully to reveal the phones keypad. The large screen provides up to 262,000 colours for the user to enjoy a clear & colourful viewing experience. The screen has a reflective mirrored appearance when not in use which provides a stylish look & a useful feature. The external appearance of the handset is incredibly stylish & sleek for those fashion conscious mobile phone users to admire. The phone comes with a multi function scroll keys which allows the user can scroll up, scroll down & press by pressing the key the user can make a selection. The LG U970 comes in a slim & easy to hold casing which is 14mm in thickness, 51mm wide, 98mm in length & weighs 119 grams which is light for a 3G phone.

The phone comes with a built in camera which can capture photos up to 1600 x 1200 in size. The camera is a 2 megapixel camera complete with a Schneider Kreuznach lens. The Schneider Kreuznach lens provides the user with a high quality camera lens which will ensure the user captures the perfect shot each & every time the camera feature is used. The camera comes with a 2 x digital zoom, flash & auto focus feature. The user can change their camera settings & options to suit their photography needs. The user can use the continuous shot mode to capture up to nine shots per photo capture. The user can store their treasured photos in the photo gallery, remove unwanted photos by deleting them or share their photos with others using the MMS service or email service.

lg_ku990_viewty_31.jpg lg_u970_shine_3.jpg

The user will enjoy the video capabilities on their phone as the user can record & play video on their mobile handset. The user can record video in 3GP format & change the video setting to suit their video requirements. The user can store their video recording in the video gallery or share their video recordings using MMS service, email service or Bluetooth® wireless technology. The U970 Shine comes with a mobile email service, MMS multimedia messaging service, SMS text messaging service & EMS enhanced messaging service. The user can send & receive messaging from their friends & family when & where ever the user happens to be. The user can share their photos & video recording using the MMS service or email service.

The phone supports Flash Lite which allows the user to enjoy exciting Flash files as screensavers & wallpapers. The user can create a photo identification for their contacts in their phone book which allows the user to see a photo of their contact on the screen when a call comes in. The LG U970 Shine comes with a second camera which is used for 3G video calling. The second camera is a VGA camera & allows the user to view their contact on the phones screen whilst the VGA camera captures the users reactions & expressions to send to their contact. The 3G video call can be shared between compatible 3G video calling mobile phone users & is a fun way to have a real feel call. The phone comes with a built in music player which allows the user to play music in MP3, AAC, AAC+ & AAC++ formats. The user can stream music in stereo using Bluetooth® A2DP to a compatible Bluetooth® stereo headset. The user can hear ringtones in polyphonic sound, MP3, AAC & AAC+ sound. The phone comes with a set of stereo headphones with a built in remote control, USB cable, travel adapter & a carry strap. The battery will provide the user with approximately three hours of talk time & up to two hundred & sixty one hours of standby battery time.

The U970 comes with a built in WAP browser which allows the user to enjoy a mobile XHTML Web experience. The phone comes with a flight mode feature which disables the phones calling capabilities but still allows the user listen to music, play videos & play games on their handset. The LG U970 is a 3G phone which comes with HSPDA technology which provides the user with high speed downloads of up to 3.6mbps. The user can transfer data between devices using either a Bluetooth® wireless connection or a USB cabled connection between two compatible devices. The Bluetooth® technology provides a wireless connection between devices such as PC, laptop, headsets & printers. The user can use a USB connection which works like a mass storage device & allows the user to drag & drop files between devices. The phone comes with PictBridge technology which allows the user to enjoy direct printing from their phone without the use of a PC. The U970 works over tri band network which allows the user to use their phone in the majority of Europe & the USA but coverage is dependant on the network operator.

LG U970 Shine Specifications & Features

2.2 Inch QVGA 262k Colour Screen with Mirror Effect (240 x 320 Pixels)

2 Megapixel Camera
Schneider Kreuznach Lens
Auto Focus
2 x Digital Zoom
Continuous Shot Mode
Photo Settings
Photo Gallery
Video Record (3GP)
Video Player
Video Settings
Video Gallery
Flash Lite
Second VGA Camera
Video Calling
Picture Wallpaper
Photo ID

SMS (Text Messaging)
EMS (Enhanced Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Predictive Text

Music Player (MP3, AAC, AAC+ & AAC++)
MP3, AAC & AAC+ Ringtones
Polyphonic Ringtones (40 Voice)
Stereo Headphones with Remote

Java™ Games
Embedded Games
Downloadable Games