LG KE770 Shine Bar Phone Overview

Key Features
1.7 Inch TFT 262k Colour Screen with Mirror Effect
Bluetooth® Technology
EDGE Technology
105 x 46 x 10 mm
2 Megapixel Camera with LED Flash & Digital Zoom
Music Player

LG KE770 Shine Bar Phone Review

The highly popular LG Black Label Series has a new member to its desirable collection which is the LG KE770 Shine which is a candy bar version of the stylish LG KE970 Shine. The LG KE770 is known as the LG KE770 Shine or the LG KE770 Shine Bar. The handset comes with a high quality & truly inspirational mirror effect screen which has made the LG Black Label Series Shine phones so popular. The screen is 1.7 Inch in size & displays up to 262,000 colours on a high resolution screen. The handset comes with no opening mechanisms due to its bar design which makes the handset easy to use & comes with a keypad lock to avoid any buttons being pressed when the handset is being carried. The KE770 Shine Bar comes with a beautifully metal effect keypad which is etched into the handsets casing & is neatly situated below the phone mirror effect screen. The handset is extremely slim with a total depth of 10mm & the KE770 weighs only 79 grams includes the fitted battery. The battery provide up to 200 hours of standby time & approximately 2.5 hours of talk time from a fully charged battery.

The built in camera provides the user with an easy to use 2 megapixel camera complete with camera or video settings & capabilities. The camera feature is easy to use as the handset comes with camera keys situated on the side of the phone for ease of use. The camera comes with a LED flash & digital zoom which will ensure the user gets the perfect shot each time the camera is used. The user can set the self timer when taking photos & use the night mode setting for those darker environments. The LG KE770 is a style focused camera phone which provides the user with easy to use camera & entertainment features. The user can use the camera feature to capture video footage which can be recorded, played back, stored & shared with others via the MMS messaging service. The video features are easy to use & provide the user with the imaging feature which are fun to record & store for later viewing.

lg_ke770_shine_bar_1.jpg lg_ke770_shine_bar_32.jpg

The user can enjoy their music on the go with the built in music player which supports all popular music formats. The music player comes with music settings & storage which allows the user to access their music & enjoy it at any time of the day or night. The KE770 supports both polyphonic & MP3 ringtones. The phone comes with useful day to day features which include a vibration alert option, voice memo feature & a handsfree speakerphone facility. The user can select the vibration alert when the user does not want to be disturbed by a ringing handset therefore a subtle vibration of the handset will let the user know that a call or message has come in. The voice memo feature allows the user to record voice reminders which will ensure the user never forgets those all important things. The handsfree speakerphone feature allows the user to take a call over the phone speaker system which means the user will not have to hold the handset to their ear when on a call but the user can hear their contact over the loud speakers.

The LG KE770 Shine Bar comes with all the messaging services a user will require on their fashionable new handset which includes SMS text messaging, MMS multimedia messaging, EMS enhanced messaging & an email service. The user can create, send, store & receive messages on their handset when they are away from the office or home computer. The messaging services provided on the KE770 allow the user to stay in contact with compatible messaging users at all times. The multimedia messaging service allows the user to share photo or video complete with text & sound. The email service allows the user to communicating using text & symbols to email compatible contacts & the email service supports POP3, SMTP & IMAP4 emails.

The phone comes with a WAP 2.0 Web browser which allows the user to connect to the Web when away from their PC & gain information from a selection of Web sites. The phone comes with 70 Mbytes of built in memory & the user can expand the phones memory easily by inserting a MicroSD™ memory card into the designated memory slot. The phone supports Bluetooth® wireless technology which provides the user with freedom from wired connection & allows the user to connect their LG KE770 Shine Bar to compatible devices using a wireless connection. The phone comes with a mini USB connection which allows the user to use a wired connection to compatible devices if preferred or if a Bluetooth® connection is not compatible. The phone comes with EDGE technology which allows the user to enjoy high speed downloads & data transfer. The user can use their handset in the majority of Europe & in the USA as the phone comes with tri band network technology but the coverage is dependant on the network operator.

LG KE770 Shine Bar Specifications & Features

1.7 Inch TFT 262k Colour Screen with Mirror Effect (176 x 220 Pixels)

2 Megapixel Camera
LED Flash
Digital Zoom
Night Mode
Self Timer
Photo Settings
Photo Album
Video Record
Video Player
Video Settings
Picture Wallpaper
Photo Caller ID

SMS (Text Messaging)
EMS (Enhanced Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Email (POP3, SMTP & IMAP4)
Predictive Text

Music Player
MP3 Ringtones
Polyphonic Ringtones
Integrated Speakers

Java™ Games
Embedded Games
Downloadable Games

Phone Book
Alarm Clock
Currency Converter
Flight Mode
Keypad Lock
Vibrating Alert
Handsfree Speaker
Voice Memo

Bluetooth® Stereo A2DP
Mini USB

Tri Band Technology (GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)

WAP 2.0 Browser

Memory & Talk Time
70 Mbytes Memory plus MicroSD™ Memory Card Option
2.5 Hours Talk Time
200 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
79 g
105 x 46 x 10 mm