BlackBerry 8820 SmartPhone Overview

Key Features
GPS Navigation
Wireless Email
Bluetooth® Technology
114 x 66 x 14 mm
Media Player

BlackBerry 8820 SmartPhone Review

The BlackBerry 8820 is a slim Smartphone which comes with extremely powerful capabilities. The Smartphone comes with a built in GPS navigation system & Wi-Fi technology. The handset is slim for a Smartphone which only measures 14mm in depth, 114mm in length & 66mm in width. The user will find the 8820 compact for a Wi-Fi capable Smartphone with many business features. The BlackBerry 8820 looks similar & has similar technologies as the BlackBerry 8800 but the 8820 has the added feature of Wi-Fi. The 8820 weighs 123 gram including the battery which provides a solid handset without feeling over heavy for carrying purposes. The phone comes with a large colour screen which has a screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The screen provides the user with a high colour & light sensing display. The screen automatically adjusts its lighting levels to suit the handsets environment whether it is indoors or outdoors. The 8820 comes with a full QWERTY keyboard which is expected of all business Smartphone’s & the QWERTY keyboard makes text input easy for the user. The keyboard comes with a subtle backlight which highlights the keys on the keyboard. The user can access dedicated keys easily which include a dedicated send, end & mute key. The phone comes with a trackball navigation tool which allows the user to move between menus & features with ease.

The Smartphone comes with 64 Mbytes of Flash memory included & the user can expand their phones memory by adding a MicroSD™ memory card to suit the user’s storage needs. The phone supports Bluetooth® technology which allows the user to enjoy a wireless connection between the BlackBerry 8820 & the users Bluetooth® headset or Bluetooth® compatible car kit. The Bluetooth® technology provides the user with a wireless connectivity option on their Smartphone. The 8820 is full of the latest technologies which include Wi-Fi wireless connectivity & EDGE high speed data transfer technology. The user can enjoy accessing the Internet with a wireless connection & enjoy high speed connectivity from their BlackBerry Smartphone. The 8820 is a true business phone which works like a mobile office for its user.

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The phone comes with a highly user friendly GPS navigation system & the phone supports BlackBerry Maps™. The user will never be lost again with the highly efficient GPS navigation system always available. The user can access the HTML Internet browser from the Smartphone’s main menu which offers the user a full mobile Internet service on their handset. The phone is a quad band network phone which allows the user to enjoy worldwide roaming from their stylish Smartphone. The user can enjoy approximately five hours of talk time on their Smartphone or up to five hundred & twenty eight hours of standby time from a fully charged battery. The user can view all documents in popular files formats which have been sent to the user via email. The 8820 Smartphone works with the user’s company or office Blackberry Enterprise Solution.

The user can enjoy a wireless email service due to the built in Wi-Fi technology. The user can enjoy wireless connectivity to their email services & high speed Internet access on their Wi-Fi compatible BlackBerry 8820. The user can enjoy easy integration with their office or private email accounts. The phone supports a selection of messaging service which includes a text messaging service, multimedia picture messaging service & an instant messaging service. The instant messaging service allows the user to communicate with other compatible contacts that are online at the same time as the user. The instant messaging service is a quick & easy way to stay in contact with others & it works in the same way as the user’s personal computers instant messaging service. The Smartphone comes with an integrated media player which allows the user to enjoy popular music playback as well as video playback on their BlackBerry 8820. The user has all the media they need in their hand which allows them to use the 8820 as a pleasure phone as well as a business phone. The phone comes with a stereo headset for when the user wants a personal listening or viewing experience. The user can enjoy playing ringtones in polyphonic, MP3 & MIDI sound.

The 8820 is compatible with popular personal information management software which is known as PIM software. The user can manage their organiser, calendar & phone book to keep the user fully up to date with their plans, meetings & contact’s details. The alarm clock feature is ideal for get the user up each day or the user can set their alarm as a reminder. The BlackBerry 8820 comes with a keypad lock & password protection for added security to protect the users Smartphone content. The user can use the voice dialling feature to make those all important calls quickly & with a simple voice activation. The 8820 comes with call features which include a speaker phone feature for that handsfree solution to taking a call or the vibration alert which will let the user know when an incoming call or message arrives by a gentle vibration of the handset. The 8820 will be admired for its powerful capabilities as well as its subtle & sophisticated good looks.

BlackBerry 8820 Specifications & Features

65k Colour Light Sensing Screen (320 x 240 Pixels)

Display Backlight
Changeable Font Size

SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Wireless Email
Instant Messaging

Media Player
MP3 Ringtones
MIDI & Polyphonic Ringtones
Vibrating Alert
Stereo Headset

Downloadable Games

GPS Navigation
BlackBerry Maps™
Phone Book
Alarm Clock
Voice Dialing
Speaker Phone
Full QWERTY Keyboard
Keyboard Backlight
Document Viewer
Security Password Protection
Keyboard Lock
Vibrate Mode
LED Indicator


Quad Band Technology (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)

Embedded RIM® Wireless Modem

Memory & Talk Time
64 Mbytes Flash Memory plus MicroSD™ Memory Option
5 Hours Talk Time
528 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
134 g
114 x 66 x 14 mm