BlackBerry 8800 SmartPhone Overview

blackberry_8800_1.jpgKey Features
Full QWERTY Keyboard with Backlight
Light Sensing 65k Colour Screen
GPS Services with BlackBerry Maps™
EDGE Technology
Quad Band Technology (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
Media Player

BlackBerry 8800 SmartPhone Review

The BlackBerry 8800 is a stylish Smartphone which comes with all the relevant Smartphone features a business user could desire. The Smartphone features include a capable phone, built in organiser, web browsing, instant messaging & a mobile email service. The 8800 handset comes with a black & metal effect silver finish which measures 114mm in height, 66mm in width & 14mm in depth. The BlackBerry 8800 weighs 134 grams including the fitted battery & feels solid to hold & operate in the user’s hand. The handset comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, dedicated access keys & a trackball navigation control. The dedicated keys include a send, end & mute keys. The Smartphone comes with a large colourful screen which has a high screen resolution & provides a crystal clear display in brighter conditions. The phone has a light sensing screen that adjusts lighting levels automatically which provides the user with a perfect viewing experience in all environments.

The user can use their stylish new BlackBerry 8800 to send & receive emails complete with documents attached. The email service on the Smartphone works like the user email service on their office PC or laptop but the BlackBerry 8800 can fit in the user coat or jacket pocket. The user can enjoy & experience a fully mobile email service which allows the user to work when they are on the move. The phone supports an instant messaging service which allows the user to have a online chat with their contacts who have an instant messaging service & are online. The instant messaging conversation works like an online chat between compatible contacts using text & symbols. The user can create, send, receive & store text messages & multimedia messaging on their BlackBerry 8800. The user can select their phone to simply vibrate with no ringing tone when in a meeting or in an environment where a ringing handset will disrupt others. The vibrating alert can be set with or without a ringing tone & will let the user know of activity by a subtle movement of the whole handset. The BlackBerry 8800 comes with a handsfree speaker phone facility which allows the user to hear their contacts talking over the phones built in speaker system, this allows the user to rest their handset on their desk & continue to work whilst talking without holding the handset to their ear throughout the call. The user can set their voice activated calls to their favourite contacts which allow’s the user to simply make a call with voice activated commands.

blackberry_8800_1.jpg blackberry_8800_3.jpg blackberry_curve_8300_31.jpg

The BlackBerry 8800 comes with built in GPS which provides the user with enhanced access to location & map applications which includes BlackBerry map application. The GPS provides the user with an easy to use route finder & map information on their highly capable Smartphone. The phone is a quad band network Smartphone which allows the user to experience international roaming between North America, Europe & Asia Pacific. The user can connect their 8800 to a compatible PC, laptop, printer, speakers & headsets using either a headset jack connection, Bluetooth® technology or a USB connection between the two devices. The phone supports EDGE which is a fast & efficient technology which allows the user to experience high speed data transfers between devices. The user can experience a full mobile Web browsing experience on their BlackBerry 8800 & gain information & services from the Web. The phone comes with 64 Mbytes of built in Flash memory & the memory capacity can be expanded using a hot swappable MicroSD™ memory card. The handset comes with all the security a Smartphone user requires which includes a password protection feature & a keyboard lock to ensure the keys are not activated when the handset is in the user bag or pocket. The 8800 comes with a high capacity battery which provides up to 5 hours talk time & approximately 528 hours standby battery time.

The 8800 is not all work, work, work as it comes with a fun element which is in the form of a built in media player. The media player allows the user to play music & video on their handset which can be for work reasons or simply for pleasure & entertainment. The media player can play a selection of music & video formats which includes all the popular formats. The BlackBerry 8800 supports ringing tones in polyphonic, MIDI & MP3 format. The user will become extremely organised with the 8800 as their new companion as it includes an easy to manage phone book, organiser, task list, calendar, memo pad & support Personal Information Management (PIM) software.

BlackBerry 8800 Specifications & Features

65k Colour Screen (320 x 240 Pixels)

Light Sensing Screen
Video Player

SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Instant Messaging

Media Player
MP3 Ringtones
MIDI Ringtones
Polyphonic Ringtones
Vibrating Alert
Handsfree Speaker
Voice Dialling

Downloadable Games

Phone Book
Wireless Calendar
Alarm Clock
Memo Pad
Task List
Personal Information Management (PIM) Software
Full QWERTY Keyboard
Keyboard Backlight
Document Viewer
GPS Services
BlackBerry Maps™
Security Password Protection
Security Keyboard Lock

Headset Jack

Quad Band Technology (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)

Embedded RIM® Wireless Modem

Memory & Talk Time
64 Mbytes Flash Memory plus MicroSD™ Memory Card
5 Hours Talk Time
528 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
134 g
114 x 66 x 14 mm